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There are so many things I’d like to tell you, Ruki; no, Matsumoto Takanori. You are beautiful in and out, you are the perfect role model, you are human, you are extremely talented, you should take a rest.

I’d like to continue the list but I can’t do that, now can I? The time doesn’t allow me to do so.

You are now 31 and you have achieved so many things that some can only dream about and still, you are humble and  have never confused Ruki- the confident and playful vocalist who has to be perfect, who has to raise the expectations even higher- and Matsumoto Takanori-the quiet and self-conscious guy with flaws, the guy who make mistakes,  the person who sees the world, the person who’s soul is so open and can see the rainbow and not only a color, the person who writes about the real world that we live in and not about perfect love or a perfect person, the person who, in my eyes,  is the most incredible person I’ve ever meet (or in my situation had the honor to learn about).

It has been 10 going 11 years since you grasped the chance in your hands and never let it slip away through your fingers, it has been 10 years since you little by little touched the sky and spread your beautiful wings, 10 years since you saved lives through your music (you saved me).

I want you to be happy, to continue to spread light upon the world who has succumbed to the darkness, to continue to an angel, a real one, a real person.

I wish you well, Matsumoto Takanori.




I want you to trace your finger across the sky

And give life to constellations.

To name a star after you

And look at it with hopeful eyes.

To see the rainbow that smiles above you

And learn about every color

Because when you will die and your body is going to be buried six feet underground

The things and people you touched will become something greater than you have ever dreamed

Because you left your mark upon this filled with filth world.

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